The Seven Seals - A Near Death Experience

We must all seek honesty, authenticity and redemption. We must face all the reality we can in a state of deep forgiveness, compassion and understanding for the impossibility of our mission. We were born into the midst of an evil that we could not see and could not truly fight. It is absorbed through the large and tiny cuts we sustained in an evil, broken world. Children must believe in the good and they want safety. We were truly not safe no matter how good our experiences seemed to be in our growing up years. Some were luckier than others. However, satan’s children were busy developing systems of enslavement and corruption we did not see or understand.

We must all get into the battle now. We have to face our own demons and extract them from ourselves and each other. In service, we bring truth telling, empowerment and cleansing in the name of Jesus Christ, the one who anchors this world in alignment with the father creator god and the one completely empowered to rule all the forces of this world. Through his perfect life and chosen sacrifice, we are redeemed. The Holy Spirit is with us, to guide, heal, and keep us completely connected to the Father and the Son.

We must protect our children as the evil ones are activated and fighting for a complete takeover that includes child murder, sacrifice, sexualization, and complete domination.

We have placed ourselves in subservience spiritually to formal authorities that have infiltrated all our systems of government, church and community. We must return to an understanding of the severity of demonic influences and the need to align with Jesus the Christ and his sacrificial blood to face off with these evil forces both human and spirit.

Ethics is the baseline for an alignment with the forces of Jesus Christ and the Holy Angels in service to the Holy Spirit. Any form of coercion, cruelty, neglect, enduced and ignored suffering, domination, enslavement and sexual perversion is an indicator there are demonic forces at work. Any form of aggression, force, blackmail and over-riding free will along with a disrespect for human life and all God’s creation is a mark of evil.

I spent my life in service as a healer, therapist, and alternative trainer for mind body spirit therapies. I studied intensely in psychology and healing trauma. Yet, throughout my life I felt plagued by negative events, psychological pain and harassment. I was unable to get assistance with this experience. I have nearly died on several occasions.

I was severely traumatized as a child, beaten senseless, hated by my atheist father and stepmother. My mother died, most likely murdered by my father. I worked all my life to heal my anxiety, my trauma, nightmares, and turn my pain into support for others.

At age 61, I finally gave up and let everything fall. I moved to my family and once arrived a strange series of events occurred. My brother left almost immediately on a trip to see a sibling. Once he was gone, I became so ill I could not take care of myself. I had a UTI infection I had been trying to get treated. Finally I had gotten an antibiotic prescribed by an online doctor. I had lost my check card in the move so it took longer to get an appt paid for. I had started taking the medicine but I was deteriorating rapidly and I was alone.

I can say I had entered into what seemed to be a very deep process and I was unable to regain my consciousness. On some level I knew I was dying but I no longer cared. I had at some point spoken to my sister, dawn and asked her for help. I had told her I was very ill. Throughout the ongoing deepening illness process, I felt her presence sitting out in a kind of void. It was an unmistakable presence I felt there and it was comforting me. Somehow I knew she was out there doing her healing work on me.

As the process deepened, I became deeply inconsolable and cried out for God. Not because I wanted to live, but because I knew my life was plagued by evil and I did not know why…..suddenly the being Jesus arrived…..words can not describe that being…..huge amazing, not of this world, a light to the world. Infinite compassion, wisdom, power unmeasurable…And my initial reaction was distrust…..inconsolable distrust…..How can I trust when everything turns demonic? Was this a demonic seduction? A trick?…..This being completely understood and drew me into his arms of light…..I was flooded with understanding everything.…everywhere…..everyone… separation… much love and compassion within truth…..This experience flooded me completely until I knew this was with the Jesus Christ.…the absolute, the ruler of all…..

Angles, huge in stature…..wide huge wings of light…..with a golden white hue…..nonhuman..…beyond anything describable were arriving and Jesus was pulling what appeared to be evil beings from my body..…He was putting them into gold lock boxes…..and sending the angels in flight away with them…..He continued this work and then told the angels to seal my body into the light of God so nothing may ever enter again…..They put a seal on each of my chakra wheels that felt like a plug…..I saw the seal and immediately thought I must be imagining seeing the actual seal…..I felt my entire energetic system seal itself in light…..

Jesus spoke to me without words and said…..”I know you”. You will be healed. You will never accept abuse again. He showed me my family, my sister in law standing with his mother Mary….He said, “I know her” and my Mother is her protector. He showed me my brother and he said, “I know him. Tell him when he feels “that way” to go for a walk outside and seek me”. He said he heard the prayers of my family. He communicated that I was surrounded by demons on both sides of my lineage from the day I was born and before….He said I was sacrificed at birth to evil forces…..He let me feel this awareness and I knew I could not have done better than I did…..I was loved and forgiven my failures…..My children would also have a choice to proceed in the next world…..and this gave me great comfort….

He said without words…..I request that you write this experience for others to read…..all that is yours will be restored to you…..suddenly, my cell phone was ringing and I answered it. My sister in law was saying in a very insistent voice, “Do you need an ambulance?” “Do you need an ambulance?” She said, “It will be expensive and I can not choose for you, do you need an ambulance?” I said yes, and she called them. They came and said i needed IV fluids, and antibiotics. The infection had entered my bloodstream and I would have experienced organ failure had they not come for me.

That is why I have created this message. For others to read and attempt to understand.

I had avoided the bible, churches, and I had avoided relying solely on Jesus Christ in my relationship with my Spirit. This experience completely changed that for me. I know now Jesus Christ is a real metaphysical powerful ruler of our spiritual reality. He is the gate and the way.

May each of you be blessed and find your footing with the one true savior and ruler of all the forces of the earth. May the Holy Spirit heal you, guide you and may you find solace and support to release the evil forces that may have entered through your energy centers and may you be free.

This has been an absolutely life changing experience for me. I am now studying deeply the bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. I am eternally grateful for his love, compassion and complete power over this world. I asked about his coming and he did not respond. I knew the hour of his coming is not revealed for me.

Patricia Haman

December 24, 2020


  • Jamina

    Beautiful story! Thank-you 🌹

  • Esther Rodriguez

    Wow what an amazing story thank you for sharing!!!

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