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The coin toss is one of the most common ways of letting the fate make decision for us. It is simple, easy to execute and at the same time it brings the exciting element of mystery to the process. Having a better look though will make you realize that it is simply a physics that determines whether you get heads or tails. Rather than fate, it is an initial position of the coin in your hand, the force and direction you throw it and the reaction forces affecting its movement after hitting the ground. What is the point here, you ask? Well, let’s think of the case when we need to make an important decision and we really don’t have...

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Old vs. Young

Oftentimes those of us who feel older look at young people with jealousy. We think if we became young again we would automatically be much happier. We believe we would know better how to use the time given to us. With the experience and knowledge of things typical for older folks we look at the past mistakes thinking we would be happier now by avoiding them earlier in life. And sometimes we would, no question about that. Yet that doesn’t mean we would be wiser.   In our ongoing search for more happiness we tend to forget that the beauty and the magic of young age comes with the price. And not just the difficulties of “here and now” majority...

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