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The Seven Seals - A Near Death Experience

We must all seek honesty, authenticity and redemption. We must face all the reality we can in a state of deep forgiveness, compassion and understanding for the impossibility of our mission. We were born into the midst of an evil that we could not see and could not truly fight. It is absorbed through the large and tiny cuts we sustained in an evil, broken world. Children must believe in the good and they want safety. We were truly not safe no matter how good our experiences seemed to be in our growing up years. Some were luckier than others. However, satan’s children were busy developing systems of enslavement and corruption we did not see or understand. We must all get into...

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The coin toss is one of the most common ways of letting the fate make decision for us. It is simple, easy to execute and at the same time it brings the exciting element of mystery to the process. Having a better look though will make you realize that it is simply a physics that determines whether you get heads or tails. Rather than fate, it is an initial position of the coin in your hand, the force and direction you throw it and the reaction forces affecting its movement after hitting the ground. What is the point here, you ask? Well, let’s think of the case when we need to make an important decision and we really don’t have...

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