Old vs. Young

Oftentimes those of us who feel older look at young people with jealousy. We think if we became young again we would automatically be much happier. We believe we would know better how to use the time given to us. With the experience and knowledge of things typical for older folks we look at the past mistakes thinking we would be happier now by avoiding them earlier in life. And sometimes we would, no question about that. Yet that doesn’t mean we would be wiser.


In our ongoing search for more happiness we tend to forget that the beauty and the magic of young age comes with the price. And not just the difficulties of “here and now” majority of young people are facing but the price of the future knowledge, the price that will simply have to be paid – physically, emotionally or spiritually.


Unless the death itself will end their journey the young always have the rocky road ahead of them, regardless of the country or times they live in. If you are older fearing that you missed out, think of all the painful experiences you have already encountered  – broken heart, addictions, disappointing friends or family members, crushed dreams. Think of all these things that potentially await the majority of young people and you may find yourself more at peace. You’ve been through a lot and thanks to the mistakes of your past you gained wisdom, something that is authentically priceless. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if the old shared and the young listen? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we shared our life experience among the generations helping the humanity evolve, love and accept more?

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