The coin toss is one of the most common ways of letting the fate make decision for us. It is simple, easy to execute and at the same time it brings the exciting element of mystery to the process. Having a better look though will make you realize that it is simply a physics that determines whether you get heads or tails. Rather than fate, it is an initial position of the coin in your hand, the force and direction you throw it and the reaction forces affecting its movement after hitting the ground.

What is the point here, you ask? Well, let’s think of the case when we need to make an important decision and we really don’t have a clue what is best. Rather than tossing a coin, we can get the necessary guidance easily and for free, while keeping all the excitement and mystery. Instead of going 50/50, why not get 100% best solution for yourself? Rather than tossing a coin, let God take care of the problem by making conscious decision of letting Him solve the situation the best possible way. That can never go wrong and on top of that you know that the wisest, most loving and most perfect being in the entire universe will find the best solution not only for you but everyone involved as well. The answers tend to come in a right time, often rather quickly. If you have never tried it do it and you may be really surprised. Take a risk to trust by giving God a chance and don’t gamble with your life.

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